Frequently asked questions

Are you ready to join FluenZity?

What is fluenZity?

We are a group of friends and neighbors from various European cities who have been working on the idea of sharing what some have in excess and what others lack, all enjoying benefits that this system will generate.

We call it “Participative Economy”

What is Participative Economy?

Imagine a city where you never travel alone in your car, because you can always be accompanied by someone travelling in the same direction, and you are rewarded for sharing. Imagine that your neighbor has plenty of WiFi capacity and he is willing to share it with you, so that you do not have to deal with the operator which fails when you need it most. Your neighbor will be very happy to share excess WiFi capacity with you and he will be rewarded for that.

Have you ever heard of Sharing Economy?

Companies like AirBnB, UBER and similar claim they are representatives of Sharing Economy, but the reality is that we have moved from paying directly the hotel or the taxi driver, to paying the company that owns the project. be it AirBnB or UBER or whoever.

How fluenZity run?

fluenZity is based on the positive results of the Sharing Economy with participation in the benefits and decision making by all members of fluenZity. The Zitycens

As we are all going to have fluenZity coins (the ZTYs), as fluenZity grows, we are all going to win, because the ZTY will grow in value and that will make the value in our wallets grow as well.

As owners of ZTY we can all vote on the rules of fluenZity, and influence decisions on what will be done and how. The members of fluenZity are the ones who decide what we do and how we do it.

What am I risking?

Actually, we’re not asking you for anything, only that you collaborate with what you can: contributing your excess WiFi capacity, discovering new WiFi hotspots, testing the WiFi hot spots that exist on the map, helping to discover new opportunities and voting on those that may really interest you. You do not need to put any money in. What’s more, we really want everyone to save and earn.

You may think we are going to sell your data. Your data are already sold by the companies like Facebook, Google and so on; in fact, we only ask you for your email address and your name. What interests us is what you can contribute to fluenZity, not your data. But if you want us to confirm it, here it is:


How does the value of fluenZity grow?

As in every city, in fluenZity the value of the Community raises with increase in the number of zitycens and with increase of economic activity generated by zitycens within fluenZity. Since the very start our group of friends and neighbors that created fluenZity, wanted the project to generate benefits for everyone. In fact, we have created it as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (or DAO), in which all interests are aligned and the incentives for all of us to contribute are promoted with a series of economic and non-economic incentives. Communities like this already exist and they are doing very well (Steem – www.steem.com is one of them). What is remarkable in our case is that we have made a leap forward and we do not support collaborations in the Digital economy only (as does Steem), but we also enable sharing, collaboration and in day-to-day activities of real life.

Is it an ICO or a new Token?

Actually, we rely on Blockchain as a technology that makes things much easier. It makes everything transparent, so you can see daily how much you have been rewarded and cannot hide anything. Blockchain also allows that there is not a single person or group of people who command the project, since we are organized as DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and without having a single head we can develop better. Here the zitycens rule and with their votes we move forward the world of fluenZity. The coins (ZTYs) that we distribute in order to reward Zitycens for their sharing and collaboration, have a value, which is transmitted to the Zitycens and we all gain with it. Those who collaborate more gain more and have more strength to vote.

Let’s make a deal, the moment we ask you for money, you can leave the project and leave without saying goodbye!!!

Who are we?

We are ordinary people, whom you may already know, but we don’t want to have a high profile. We are professionals in our fields of work and we come from different parts of the world. We have decided for maximum transparency of our operation through DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization), where all members of the community have influence on all decisions of the organization, which redices our role to ensuring smooth operation of fluenZity only.

How to vote?

All the fluenZity apps have a wallet, in which fluenZity coins (ZTYs) that have a value equivalency in Euros or your local currency will accumulate and you can also vote with them. The more work you do for the fluenZity Community and its members, the more ZTYs you accumulate. All fluenZity members, the zitycens, will be able to vote with their ZTYs as in a democracy.

How to make proposals to vote: The proposals can be made by anyone. They are published on a bulletin board of fluenZity Proposals for the zitycens to join and when they reach support of 10% of all ZTYs, they get proposed to be voted by all zitycens. If they get more than 50% of the votes, the proposals will be passed for implementation.

What is going to be voted on?

fluenZity is a Participative Economy and that means that projects will be generated in which everyone can participate, but also that generate benefits for everyone. Therefore, everyone can make proposals. We are going to vote on the rules of operation as well as the people who are going to direct the project, but also how much we are going to pay each one for the tasks that are going to be developed and how much for managing the development.

Who can vote?

All Zitycens who have ZTYs in their wallet can vote based on number of ZTYs they have in their wallet.

What services will be available within fluenZity?

In general, all those that can be improved for everyone through Participatory Economy. Examples of what we are working on and will be proposed for voting:

  1. Home, car or motorbike insurance.
  2. Energy services: electricity, gas.
  3. Communication services: Netflix, Fiber.
  4. Home sharing: CoLiving.
  5. Others that you will propose.

How many Zitycen codes (regular or special status) can I receive and use?

The same person can only use one Zitycen code. It is not accepted that the same person registers with different accounts. Keep in mind, we want to be millions of Zitycens but each Zitycen has to be a different person.

How do I receive my money?

When you receive your Zitycen code (normal or special) you must download the app and register with that code. At that moment we will create automatically a wallet for you in a blockchain network compatible with the Ethereum public network. In the app you will easily see your wallet with its movements and the details of them.